Bio & Career Highlights


Rochelle Ballard

Rochelle Ballard

Sport: Surfing

DOB: February 13, 1971

Resides: Kauai, Hawaii

Highest Rating: Runner Up ASP World Title

Accolades: ISA Masters Grand Finalist 2013 and World Champion 2012, Three-time Surfer Poll Winner, stunt double for Blue Crush, Winner of OP Boat Challenge, renown for Barrels & Big Waves

Sponsors: Channel Island Surfboards, Kicker Audio, Nukumoi Surf Co., Sticky Bumps
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Rochelle Ballard is an accomplished professional female surfer and veteran of the Association of Surfing Professional’s (ASP) World Championship Tour. She is considered the best female tube rider in the world and has been a pioneer to the advancement of women’s surfing in the past two decades. Rochelle’s mastery of big waves and support of women’s surfing rank her among the surfing most elite.

Rochelle’s talents as a surfer have led to appearances in several movies and television shows, most notably as the lead Stunt Double for Universal’s hit surfer girl movie Blue Crush as well as lead surfing appearances in Step Into Liquid and Beyond the Break. She is also a regularly featured on programs within the surf community including Surfline, ESPN and was recently the focus of a program produced by Outside Magazine.

As a competitive surfer, she continues to excel. After winning First and a Gold metal in 2012, in Nicaragua, and in 2013, placing in the grand finals, in Ecuador, the Hawaiian team won the Gold for 2012 and 2013 as the current ISA World Master Champions. Rochelle’s longetivity as an elite athlete is rooted in her commitment to a balanced and natural lifestyle. Having built a successful career in the wellness industry in tandem to her rise as a professional surfer, Rochelle calls on her training as an LMT (Licensed Massage Therapist since 1991) and Yoga Alliance Certified Instructor (YogAlign Method, 2008) to inform her integrative Surf Into Yoga approach to wellness.

Now an established leader in the wellness space, Rochelle recently headlined the 2013 Wanderlust Yoga Festival at Turtle Bay on Oahu’s North Shore this past March with great reception. Shortly thereafter, she made the decision to sell the North Shore Wellness Retreat Space and moved back to her native Kauai to focus on her mission of taking the Surf Into Yoga experience to the rest of the world. Her journey kicks off this fall in NY with the first Surf Into Yoga Crossing focused on sharing yoga, surf and wellness with the NY beach communities hardest hit during last year’s Hurricane Sandy.

Throughout her career, Rochelle has been adamant about giving back, be it for the sport of women’s surfing, youth development or the environment and her local community. Rochelle played a key role in the creation of female-only surfing events and was pivotal in boosting prize money for the women’s competitions. Rochelle also inspired and led surf camps for girls in her native Hawaii for six years and continues to place youth involvement and access to the sport as a top priority. Her current focus is on youth outreach to less fortunate communities around the world through the Surf into Yoga Crossing.

As an activist, Rochelle serves on multiple advisory boards including the Advisory board to Ali’i Nui, the “Save the North Shore Paumalu Project” Board of Directors in 2006 (along with Kelly Slater and Jack Johnson) and the ASP board for a total of 5 years.  Currently working with a Hawaiian Non Profit organization, Living Life Source Foundation, a healing center for wellness and sustainable living, (Pu’uhonua). Rochelle is also a supporting team athlete for the Keep a Breast Foundation. She feels that having the opportunity to share her passion and energy to our environment and surfing is just as rewarding as riding a great wave.

Raised in Kauai, Rochelle moved to the North Shore of Oahu for her surfing career and opened The North Shore Wellness Retreat offering yoga, massage, surf and organic meals, as well as workshops for other facilitators from around the world. In 2008, Rochelle Produced the successful Surf Into Yoga DVD with the interest of sharing her teachings beyond her local community.


Rochelle’s Bodywork and Massage Background

Throughout her 17 years on the Surfing Professional World Championship Tour, Ballard experienced physical and mental triumphs as well as defeats. Learning to weaver through those highs and lows while remaining focus, she acquired a body and mind knowledge that can only be gained by professional athletes of her caliber. Moreover, the World Tour of Surfing, stopping in many different parts of the world, has exposed her to many different types of bodywork facilitators, broadening her overall awareness. She has been a massage therapist since the age of 19 and has studied Yogalign with Michelle Edwards, L.M.T., E.R.Y.T.. Through this form of yoga, Ballard addresses postural alignment to let go of old beliefs, patterns and behaviors that causes limitations and chronic pain. Surf Into Yoga Wellness Packages are the combination of Ballard’s unique personal know-how as a professional athlete and bodywork facilitator, offering a complete and unparalleled experience.



Career Highlights



  • Stunt Double for Universal’s hit surfer girl movie Blue Crush, 2002
  • Appearances on Local News, CNN, Good Morning LA, Fox, NBC, CBS, ESPN, Blue Torch and news around the world for her surfing feats and competition.
  • Featured in the 1998 book “Women Who Win – Stories of Triumph in Sports and in life” by Christina Lessa
  • Featured in magazines, including Surfing, TransWorld Surf, Surfer (interview and spread), SG Magazine, Surfing Girl, Women Outside, Women’s Sports and Fitness, Fit Magazine, Sports Illustrated Women, People, National Geographic, as well as some international magazines
  • Spread in Time Magazine
  • 2000-2002 Surfer Poll Winner
  • 1997-1999 Surfer Poll Runner Up
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  • 2013
    ISA Masters
  • 2012
    ISA Masters World Champion2007
    1st, X-Games, Puerto Escondido, Mexico2006
    3rd, O’Neill Sunset Beach Pro, Hawaii2005
    2nd, Rip Curl Pro, Hossegor, France
    3rd, Surfer Poll

2nd, Roxy Pro Gold Coast, Australia
2nd, Roxy Pro Tavarua, Fiji
2nd, Billabong Pro, Tahiti
3rd, Rip Curl Pro, Malibu, California
2nd, Surfer Poll
Runner Up to the World Title

2nd, Billabong Pro, Teahupoo, Tahiti
3rd, Magnolia Girls Pro, Portugal
3rd, Surfer Poll

3rd, Roxy Pro Tavarua, Fiji
3rd, Roxy Pro, France
1st, Surfer Poll

2nd, Billabong Pro, Teahupoo, Tahiti
5th, Roxy Surf Jam, Fiji
1st, Surfer Poll

1st, OP Boat Challenge Highest Prize Purse to date
1st, Surfer Poll

1st, Gotcha Girl Star Pro, USA
1st, Hossegor Rip Curl Pro, France

1st, Billabong Pro, Australia
1st, Kana Beach Lacanau Pro, France
1st, Wahine Women’s (WQS)
1st, Gunston 500 Women WQS, South Africa
1st, Wahine Women’s (WQS), USA

1st, Wahine Women’s, USA
1st, Town & Country, Hawaii

1st, Body Glove Surfabout VIII, USA