Crane Pose: Achieving Balance

December 9, 2012

Crane Pose: Achieving Balance

Yoga practice should not be balanced but should balance us. Health and yoga are all about finding balance. Effort and rest. Elimination and assimilation. Yang and yin. Day and night. Extreme action leads to death and so does extreme inaction. Finding balance leads to health.

The crane pose in yoga, also known as the Bakasana, is a compact arm balancing posture that helps in strengthening the arms as well as the abdominal organs. The anatomical focus of this pose is the wrists. By regularly practicing the Bakasana, the spine stretches to its full length and this increases its flexibility largely.

This posture is also very beneficial in strengthening the arms, shoulders, and joints and it helps develop a better sense of concentration, co-ordination, and balance.

Besides the physical benefits mentioned above, there are also certain therapeutic applications of this yoga asana.

  • Regular practice of this asana helps us develop deeper trust in ourselves, which in turn helps us take up new challenges in life.
  • A sense of positive thinking is developed and feelings of hesitation and doubt reduce considerably.
  • Physically, the functioning of the digestive system improves and problems like heartburn and acidity reduce.