Community is a place of coming together…

…in a local society, politics, and economics. But it is also people with a common interest. We travel the world see and experience things that open our eyes make us really appreciate all of the abundance and beauty of nature and life as well as famine, growth, and waist in this world. It’s the yin and the yang of life. We find ourselves being drawn back to certain communities enjoying friends, good times, sharing culture differences and similarities. Around the world there are people with the common interest of passion for conscious living and life with purpose. It is sharing our own local community and culture with each other no matter where you are or where you come from. Surfing is a unique and inspiring way to share with people and culture around the world. Some people think we are dancing in on the ocean. We are.

North Shore, Island Living

From time to time, whether we are in the ocean or the mountains we will share with you experiences in our own community as well as traveling abroad, people we meet, culture, food, and little insights of healthy living, with yummy recipes, good things for your body, and good things to give back to the earth. For now i share with you a little peace of the north shore. In the islands the ocean is a big part of the culture and island living, weather you are fishing, diving, paddling, surfing, or just enjoying the beach with family and friends.
Enjoy and aloha, Rochelle