Surf into Yoga


YogAlign Toning and Restorative with Rochelle

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Kama’aina (Locals) Only Yoga Classes
at the Surf Into Yoga Studio

Tuesday at 5:30pm
Friday at 8am
Saturday at 8:30am

Book five classes online and you get your next class free!

RSVP Only. Limited 6 to people per class. Please pre-pay classes using the form below or get 7 classes for $90 when you purchase direct in studio.

Kukui’ula Movement Room Club Members and Guests

Wednesday at 9am
Thursday at 8am

Classes limited to Kukui’ula Movement Room Club Members and Guests only.

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  • Price: $15.00 Quantity:
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  • Monday, Tuesday, Friday, Saturday - 8:00 AM
    Tuesday and Thursday - 5:30 PM

Private Yoga Sessions


A Yoga Private gives you the attention and consultations to correct structural alignment and transition through asana to heighten your awareness and create a personalized flow that works best for your needs, deepening your practice and learning PNF specific techniques to strengthen, lengthen, and rid the body of chronic pain. Learn new Mantras to enhance your spiritual growth and lighten your path. Learn self massage techniques and take the time to be in your own space and develop your own personal practice.

PRICE: $125 / 90 Minutes

Private one-on-one, semi-private and small group yoga privates please call 808-343-0616 for details and an appointment.

Yoga with Rochelle Ballard

Rochelle Ballard

Rochelle’s Yoga teaching is a powerful, pain free structural alignment sequencing that changes old shortened patterns and chronic pain in the body. Using the (HA) deep breathing techniques through the diaphragm and resistance stretching, (PNF) to strengthen the muscles joints and ligaments. Lengthening the fascia lines and activate the Psoas. By eliminating stress, toxins, and tension, you are able to restore and renew the body, mind, and spirit!

Michelle Mackler Fitness


Michelle Mackler, B.S., CPT, CKT

You will receive personalized attention and encouragement as you participate in a fitness session designed specifically for your fitness needs to engage multiple muscle groups at once, while building strength and stability.

All aspects of warm-up and cool down are accompanied by the foam roller for self-myofascial release (SMR) stretching to restore optimal muscle motion and function. The training of your body’s core with various modalities will provide full-body conditioning, while decreasing stress and increasing energy levels, strength, flexibility, mobility and range of motion.

PRICE: $125 / 60 Minutes – $150 / 90 Minutes

Core & Functional Fitness Training

Improve your core strength, stability and performance while burning calories and increasing your energy! Your body is designed to work as a whole, only as strong as its weakest link. While all components of fitness are important in your fitness program, additional emphasis will be placed on developing your body’s core strength, flexibility, balance and power with the use of stability balls, medicine balls, the BOSU, TRX Suspension System, Kettlebells, free weights, foam rollers and your own body weight.