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Billabong Kids at Off The Wall

Working with kids is amazing. There is always so much to share and learn from them. As much as I inspire them, they inspire me. As I teach I learn. These kids are from around the world and will be some of the best surfers on the world tour some day soon. To be able to share yoga with them, my experience as a surfer through out my career with victory, defeat, injury, recovery, health, energy, and dynamic performance, is an honor. When I was there age none of this was available. To share with them information of body dynamics with breathe, structural movement, meditation, water, salt, and the power of awareness is a gift. Sharing information is feeding light energy and creating awareness for our kids, communities, our oceans, and this earth. It makes me aware of how much more there is to learn.

Each group that came in every few days had a different energy. Whether they were laughing and playing, or shy and quiet, they all seemed to enjoy yoga and most of them for there first time.


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