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Experience an Eco Surf Into Yoga Adventure In Costa Rica!

a man standing on a rocky beach

Happy New Year!  Looking for your next surf and yoga retreat?  We have one for you just around the corner that may just put a new and exciting spark in your year!

Treat yourself to an amazing adventure in Costa Rica at an eco sustainable farm surrounded by playful fun surf and long majestic point breaks.  Have you ever experienced living off the grid, surrounded by tropical jungle, warm water surf breaks and a large yoga deck up in the trees over looking the ocean?  I did for my first time last year.  I was invited to teach yoga at a place called the Yoga Farm, run by the beautiful people that started Yoga Trade.  Amazingly enough, in all of my travels over the years, I had never been to Costa Rica on a surf trip until last spring.  Ironically enough my first time was to teach a yoga retreat.  I went with out any expectations of surf and purely there to focus on teaching yoga in a peaceful eco friendly simple space.  To my great surprise, I found myself surfing super fun waves out front everyday and a couple of epic days on the long dreamy point breaks.  I was absolutely stoked on a great experience over a couple of weeks of great waves, a new found understanding and love for sustainable living and a renewed spirit!

Of course I decided to come back this next year and invite my best friend, Megan Abubo to be a part of this amazing experience.  Come and join us for an inspiring week in beautiful Costa Rica at the Yoga Farm!

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