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Live Instagram Yoga And Workout Classes By Rochelle Ballard


Aloha my friends,


If you haven’t already tuned into my live instagram classes, it is with great honor and joy to let you know that I am sharing live classes 2-4 times a week on the live instagram stories @rochelleballard.  I had some internet and technical struggles in the beginning and have sorted them all out!  Each week I will send you the days and times for classes.  They are free for anyone to join on instagram and I will save them after the class time for 24hrs to practice at your convenience.   If you are willing and able to contribute or donate for the class, I am most grateful for your contribution.


This week class times will be:

Wednesday 7:00 am HST Core Stability Workout 1hr class

Friday 7:30 am HST Hatha Yoga Flow 1hr class

Sunday 7:30 am HST Easy Flow & Meditation 1hr class

I am grateful and excited to continue sharing aloha through this challenging time in our world with the pandemic.  I urge you to take the opportunity to focus on health, wellness and love in these times.  We are all in this together, yet we may have massive differences in how we are living in our stay at home orders.  Some of us are very confined to small spaces and some have a great deal of space to get out into the yard and finally get the weeds out and plant gardens.  It is also a time to become very clear and aware, away from worries and stress outside of your control, even though we may be experiencing a great deal of stress and possibly ill.  My heart and prayers are with you all in every way that we are experiencing life in this time.

My classes are geared toward easing the stress, supporting your nervous system, immune system, and building on your strength, flexibility, and stability.  Our breath and meditation during this time are also very important to bring to attention in using the breath to ease the stress and assist the body and mind in flow and intuitive movements and thoughts.  Meditation can be very helpful in keeping clear minded and calm as well as create the life you were born to live.  Let’s all work together towards a better life in balance, peace, and harmony.

Many blessings and aloha,

Rochelle Ballard

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