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Opening Ceremony For The Isa World Surfing Championships

Thousands of people gathered to watch the parade. Flags from all the country’s representing were raised, sand from each country poured into the same sand box, and Fernando, President of the ISA always in festive pants and Hawaiian Kukui Nut lei’s, embracing the love of the sport and bettering the future of surfing in all levels

The first day starts tomorrow. Today, sunny, blue sky’s, new south swell hitting the coast. Kalani, Sunny, and I went down the coast for a little get away in search of a sweet sand bar. It’s great surfing and hanging out for a contest again with Sunny and Kalani. We spent so many years traveling on tour together, it’s been good catching up and having some good laughs. Sand bars didn’t show much potential, but the drive was beautiful lush coast line. We decided to head back to Montania and surf the point to warm up for the event. Crowded old dudes getting nuts, haha, but the waves were fun and playful. I’m trying out my new Semi Pro. Waiting for a little more swell to pop the five fins set up with the Nubster in the back.

Sunny is first up tomorrow morning. I love watching him surf, his power and style is unlike any, always laying his weight and best into his turns. I’ve been stung by his spray many times. Love Hodel is on the trip with us as well, funny and inspiring. I love the lines he draws and he is always super positive and happy go lucky.


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