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Pascuales, Mexico Surf Retreat

Pascuales, Mexico is a destination a couple of friends have been wanting to share with me. Big barreling sand bar waves for days. Warm water, sunny days, starry nights, and amazing tacos. I went down with a good friend from Venezuela, Aurita Boulton. She founded a foundation for kids with a close friend in Venezuela. They teach the kids about gardening, wellness, and surfing. We both have a great interest in learning how to be more sustainable and share what we learn with the youth in particular to inspire the next generation.

We spent a couple of weeks exploring, surfing, relaxing, eating amazing food, cooking, reading, doing yoga, and mingling with the locals. We became close to the familia we stayed with on the beach front to one of the heaviest sand bars I have ever surfed.

In the next blog, Chucho takes us to an ancient crystal cave, gro pro footage in the surf, and truck loads of sea salt.

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