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Wave Check-Standing Foot Lomi Lomi (massage)

by Rochelle Ballard January 31, 2013

Keeping one foot planted even on the ground, engaging the entire leg through to the top of the buttox. Take a deep breath in through the rib cage, like you are sipping through a straw to activate your deep core stabilizer’s. Grab the opposite foot with both hands, allowing the chest to open. As you exhale, keep the length in the spine and top of the head. Again inhale sipping the breath and press the foot back as you hold it firmly with your hands, allowing for length and opening in the chest. Exhale lengthening and begin to press deeply into the feet from the bottom of the heel to the top of the toes, all the while keeping your hips even and gazing your focus ahead. If you are a surfer, its a perfect time to check the surf. When you release, give the legs a light shake and switch sides.

The more you move with your breath and allow it to be your power, your body will feel light, powerful, agile. Re-aligning the spine back to its natural curves, with support through the back, open in the chest, and stabilized in the core.

Rochelle Ballard
Rochelle Ballard