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a man riding a wave on a surfboard in the ocean


Rochelle Ballard, 2012 ISA World Master’s Champion is now a retired Professional World Class Surfer enjoying life on Kauai and running her Elite Retreat business with Surf Into Yoga. Growing up on Kauai with all of it’s vast ocean and mountain experiences, strong family bonds, Hawaiian Culture, and deep rooted community values, brings a unique balance to her world renowned success as a professional surfer. She was a National Amateur champion and became the first women from Kauai to compete on the ASP World Championship tour in the top 8 for most of her career. In her 17 years of professional competition, she won several events and came runner up to the World Title in 2004. She was the most voted popular surfer in the Surfer Magazine Poll 2000-2002. She still holds the record for two perfect 10 barrel rides in a single heat since 1997’. She has been considered one of the best female barrel riders and known for pushing the level in women’s barrel riding and big wave surfing in the past two decades. She was also featured and surfed for the lead in the box office hit Blue Crush. Stepping away from the World Tour in 2007’ her longevity as a world class elite athlete is rooted in her commitment to quality, balance, and a healthy, sustainable lifestyle. She was always giving back with Aloha through out her career in her community, the youth, the sport of surfing, and non-profit organizations.

a man riding a wave on a surfboard in the ocean


Born in 1971 on Kaua’i, began surfing at the age of 4. Winning multiple amateur events and titles, he went on to compete in the World Championship Tour and became the first male professional Surfer from Kauai to surf and compete amongst the best surfers in the world on the ASP World Professional Tour. Kaipo was the Triple Crown Champion 1996 and multiple winner of World Championship events. He was known for his speed, power, and balance, and one of the only men on the world tour that was able to beat Kelly Slater in the 90’s. Kaipo retired from the ASP World Tour in the prime of his career to settle down on Kaua’i and raise a family. He has three children, one a current professional surfer, Kaimana Jaquias and two daughters, both surfers, and his beautiful wife living the Kaua’i lifestyle. He is now the Head of Ocean Safety on the South West Lifeguard District of Kaua’i. Rochelle and Kaipo, amongst a handful of Elite Professional Hawaiian surfers hold the Title of World Masters Champions. Having been good friends since high school and traveling the world tour together for many years, they continue their friendship and professional experience with Surf Into Yoga, sharing their experiences, knowledge and aloha.

a man riding a wave on a surfboard in the water


Kaua’i born and raised on the South Shore, well known as one of the best high performance native surfers of Kaua’i. Jeremy, or Skizz as most of his close friends know him better as, competed in the amateur surfing events and some of the pro events on the North Shore of O’ahu. Jeremy, like Milo found his love as a watermen enjoying free surfing more than competition. He has spent some time traveling the world in search of the best waves and like the rest of us, found himself very settled and happily living and surfing our local breaks. You will typically find these two elite watermen surfing together on the best wave on the Island on any given day. Their knowledge of the ocean, local breaks and surfing sets them apart from the rest of the crowd. Milo, Jeremy, and Rochelle have also been good friends since youth and have enjoyed many great surfing days together. Rochelle has put together this elite team of surfing watermen to give you your best surfing experience at any level and age.

a man riding a wave on a surfboard in the water


Kaua’i born and raised on the South Shore, Milo is a true waterman. Growing up competing in the amateur contest, he became sponsored as a young man by Volcom. Milo spent some time during the winter seasons on the North Shore of Oahu to surfing the famous Pipeline and staying at the Volcom Pipe house building his big wave experience. He traveled the world as a free surfer with his teammates on Volcom finding some of the best surf on the planet, sharing fun times and perfect waves amongst the best surfers. He is now settled on Kaua’i as a family man. Still an avid surfer and now a fishermen, catching some of the biggest fish caught off of his jetski. Now with a new boat and enjoying some deep sea fishing in the summer and towing into big barrels during the Kaua’i winter season with his surfing peers.