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Rochelle Ballard, former elite professional surfer, raised on Kauai and now founder of Surf Into Yoga. She started Surf Into Yoga to share surf, wellness, and aloha with people local and from around the world. The pursuit to share aloha, facilitate healing, life coaching, and the best of Kaua’i. Her back ground in wellness, comes from years of being a professional athlete traveling the world, working with elite wellness facilitators and teachers, and her passion for wellness and living her best life. Licensed massage therapist from the age of 20, specializing in Lomi Lomi, Sports Massage, Deep Tissue, Polarity, and Chi Ne Sang. She has practiced yoga for over 27 years and is an established yoga teacher in Hatha, specifically a technique called Yogalign. The combination of body work, yoga, alignment, nutrition, and life coaching from years of education and life experiences sets Rochelle and her team at Surf Into Yoga into a class of its own. A one of a kind experience to work with world class surfers and wellness facilitators.


Summer has been a practicing & licensed massage therapist since 1996. Trained in Lomi Lomi, Swedish, Hot Stone, Thaï, Trigger Point Therapy, & Structural Intégration; Summer delivers a unique treatment streamlined to the needs of her clients. Described as a maintenance Sports Massage, her style is a firm, slow approach to melting the fascia overlying the muscle tissue & encouraging it to rest where it should.


Kristina began her studies in bodywork in 1991. She became passionate about learning Traditional Thai Bodywork and made it the focal point of her studies and private practice over the years. Kristina has studied with many teachers in Thailand and the U.S. over the years and visits Thailand regularly to stay connected to her teachers and to the divine energy of this Sacred healing art. She began teaching Traditional Thai Healing Arts in 1998 after years of practice and assisting her teachers in the classroom. Kristina is a certified instructor through the Thai Healing Alliance as well as a continuing education provider with NCBTMB. She has an intuitive gift and a contagious laugh, embracing the spirit of aloha and lifestyle of Kauai.


“Let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food.” -Hippocrates.

Nourishing your body with nutritious foods is vital to living a healthy, vibrant life. Spend time with our holistic nutritionist, Tiana, and develop life-long healthy eating habits specific for your own body and lifestyle choices. Your body is unique and requires personalized treatment. A private nutrition coaching session will be tailored to your needs whether your goal is to lose weight, heal illness or simply learn to eat healthier.

Tiana has a Masters of Science in Nutrition from the National University of Natural Medicine. She specializes in using food, herbs and lifestyle practices to optimize your body’s health. Tiana is also trained in medical nutrition therapy and uses food to prevent, reduce, reverse and heal disease. She was born raised on Kaua’i and spent many years traveling and studying cultures around the world. Her practice is rooted in the wisdom of these multinational healing recipes, techniques and therapies. Tiana’s Kaua’i roots and world travels inspire her to live a life that is healthier for her own body and the planet, and she uses her private nutrition practice to do the same for clients. As a give back to the community she runs a Farm to Keiki (child) program and helps to bring healthier foods, gardens and nutrition education to preschools in Hawai’i.

Rogue Valley Natural Medicine, LLC Licensed Naturopathic Physician
Applied Kinesiology Specialist

Dr. Allen graduated with honors in medical research from the National College of Natural Medicine (NCNM), where he focused on musculoskeletal medicine, hormone therapy, functional endocrinology, and neurological conditions. While attending NCNM, Dr. Allen became certified in the art and science of Applied Kinesiology (AK), later advancing his training in Prolotherapy, Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy also known as Regenerative Injection Therapy (RIT). He also utilizes cranio-sacral and muscle energy techniques to reduce tension in the body and rebalance the nervous system. This improves digestion, headaches, back pain and other stress related illnesses.

Before medical school, Zack graduated from Willamette University where he studied pre-med, environmental science, played varsity baseball and spent a term in Spain, learning language skills that have enabled him to care for many Hispanic patients at community clinics in Portland and Southern Oregon.

Currently, Dr. Allen enjoys the healing lifestyle and Aloha spirit of the Hawaiian islands, where he has embraced a recreational lifestyle that includes surfing, swimming, baseball, cross-training, camping, summer concerts and hiking excursions around the Waimea Canyon. He also enjoys visiting family in Oregon, among the majestic mountains, lakes, and rivers of the pacific northwest.


Appelusa is a world champion and professional artistic roller skater who trained athletes and beginners alike for over twenty years. After suffering a severe whiplash injury in 2015, she struggled to keep coaching and choreographing. Allopathic medicine wasn’t helping. After numerous scans, injections, multiple forms of physical therapy, and even a nerve ablation, she turned to alternative medicine. She learned Reiki, started working with tuning forks, developed a morning practice with meditation, changed her thought patterns, and then started to heal. She became certified in Reiki, Biofield Tuning, Vibrational Fascia Release, and Biofeedback. After graduating Maharishi International University studying consciousness and Ayurveda, Appelusa is now focused on bringing awareness and knowledge of the body’s electrical system and its intelligent healing capabilities to all with an interest to heal. While there will always be a need for conventional medicine, she believes we are starting to remember how to heal ourselves.

Ayurveda is the science of self-healing. As Ayurveda teaches, in order to support others in their healing, you must authentically engage in our own. Understanding the incredible intelligence system of the body and sharing that knowledge with others is Appelusa’s life’s passion.

Health and Fitness Coach

JC is a health and fitness enthusiast. For the past decade JC has been coaching and mentoring humans of all ages to develop and maintain their bodies using breathwork, meditation,  mobility and exercise. His passion is teaching others how to develop the mental and physical habits needed to live a pain free- high quality life. JC boasts over 10 certification in different fitness modalities, he has been taught and trained by national champion gymnasts, world class strength and endurance athletes and even olympic rowers and weightlifters. JC has learned to embody the accountability, discipline needed to achieve his goals and dreams and wants to share them with you. Regardless of your life goals, JC can help you create workouts and teach you the exercises and techniques you need to live your best life.