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Ballard’s Secret To Better Surfing

by Rochelle Ballard June 17, 2015

For 17 years, Rochelle Ballard was one of the top big-wave riders on the women’s professional surfing tour. She was a master at tube riding and helped lay the foundation for women’s professional surfing for the future.

Her accomplishments in the ocean led to opportunities on the big screen, where she had several appearances in movies and television programs. Perhaps her biggest role was as a stunt double for Kate Bosworth in the hit movie Blue Crush.

Then, in 2007, after a long and brilliant career, Ballard retired from professional surfing at the top of her game at age 37.

Ballard’s Secret To Better Surfing

“When you retire, you believe at the very least you’re halfway prepared, but when it happens, you realize you’re actually not, especially after a long career,” says Ballard. “After my professional career ended, I found that I was inspired by wellness and yoga, and it was the perfect fit for me.”

Although she is no longer on the professional tour, Ballard still surfs at a high level and competes in select events.

When she’s not surfing, she’s physically and spiritually strengthening her body by practicing and teaching yoga.


Rochelle Ballard
Rochelle Ballard


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