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Meet Your Instructors

Rochelle Ballard

Rochelle has been a certified massage therapist (LMT) since 1991 and has studied YogAlign with its founder, Michelle Edwards (L.M.T., E.R.Y.T.). She has been a Yoga Alliance certified YogAlign instructor since 2008. Through this revolutionary form of yoga, Rochelle addresses postural alignment to let go of old beliefs, patterns and behaviors that cause limitations and chronic pain. Surf Into Yoga is the fruit and combination of Rochelle’s unique personal know-how as a professional athlete and bodywork facilitator, offering her clientele a complete and unparalleled experience.

She produced her own yoga DVD in 2008, Surf Into Yoga, showcasing her special blend of surfing and yoga knowledge. Her unique vantage point on the YogAlign Method (she is the only certified instructor on O'ahu), land her a prominent role for the widely recognized Wanderlust Festival Oahu that took place from February 28th to March 3rd 2013 where she taught surfing, yoga on Stand Up Paddle, and was a speaker at Speakeasy.

Michelle Mackler, B.S., CPT, CKT

You will receive personalized attention and encouragement as you participate in a fitness session designed specifically for your fitness needs to engage multiple muscle groups at once, while building strength and stability. All aspects of warm-up and cool down are accompanied by the foam roller for self-myofascial release (SMR) stretching to restore optimal muscle motion and function. The training of your body’s core with various modalities will provide full-body conditioning, while decreasing stress and increasing energy levels, strength, flexibility, mobility and range of motion.