This is where your Kauai Luxury Wellness and Adventure Retreat begins.

Surf into Yoga is a one-of-a kind opportunity for Rochelle Ballard to share the sense of beauty, adventure, and aloha she’s gained by growing up on Kauai, and traveling the planet as a world-class surfer.

Rochelle is a true Hawaiian waterwoman; whose knowledge of the ocean, and mind/body health have led her to become a surfing pioneer, taking female barrel riding to places hard to imagine before her time. From ocean awareness, to mountain adventures, exclusive surf coaching, personalized yoga and spa treatments, Surf Into Yoga offers a myriad of ways for you to achieve the best Hawaiian experience possible.

Kauai Wellness and Adventure Retreats with Rochelle Ballard

Create your own unique luxury experience.


Exclusive Retreats

Kauai Wellness and Adventure Retreats with Rochelle Ballard offer a flexible way to try out a combination of our prime offerings over several days, including Yoga, Surf Coaching and Spa Treatments.

Spa Treatments

Rochelle takes the time and special attention to tend to exactly what you are looking for and need to be at ease, feel good, and let go of unwanted pain and stress in your body and mind.

Private Yoga

You will receive personalized attention to assist your particular needs, with light massage creating a dynamic personal practice to heighten your awareness and correct structural alignment.

Surf Coaching & Ocean Awareness

Experience exclusive and world-class surf coaching and ocean awareness from former ASP World Tour surfers and World Master’s Champions Rochelle Ballard and Kaipo Jaquias.

I learned a ton and, believe it or not, that was my best surf session ever. Mahalo Nui Loa!

Tim, First Time Private Surf Coaching

I learned more in the first ten minutes with you than I have in all my years surfing

Bret, Exclusive Surf Coaching

Surf into Yoga with Rochelle Ballard

Passionately sprouted from the seeds of surfing, Surf Into Yoga with Rochelle Ballard is an instructional yoga video that encourages a growing consciousness of mind, body, spirit, and the footprints we leave on this planet.

The liquid energy of the ocean and inspiration from her surfing guides us into the power of yoga, and the essence of Hawaii. Featuring music by Jack Johnson, John Swift, Donavon Frankenreiter and Kai Walsh.



Professional Surfer & Wellness Coach Rochelle Ballard

Kauaʻi native Rochelle Ballard spent 17 years on the ASP World Tour before retiring and following her passion for wellness. After becoming a massage therapist and a yoga teacher Rochelle began offereing wellness packages to share different modalities with visitors, locals, and surfers.


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