Yoga & Wellness 30 Challenge!

January 07, 2020

Yoga & Wellness 30 Challenge!

Aloha & Happy New Year!

Join me, for a 30 day Yoga & Wellness Challenge!


We will be practicing pranayama, mindful movement, meditation as well as goal setting, and wellness tips and application.  To learn more come and join me for yoga this week and sign up for the yoga wellness challenge starting January 13th. 

Option A:  30 Day Challenge unlimited classes and wellness tips and goodies $180

Option B:  15 Day Challenge unlimited classes and wellness tips and goodies $100


One of the most helpful experiences that I have learned over the years of being a successful athlete is to set daily obtainable goals.  Yes it is important to set your sites to levels that inspire us greatly and allow us to have unlimited potential.  However, one of the most valued lessons I have learned is to be happy and successful everyday.  To find joy and satisfaction daily.  This keeps us from feeling stress, overwhelm and failure which often leads to depression and anxiety. 

Hence the classic saying the best surfer in the line up is the one having the most fun!  

Start with simple goals for each day that make you feel good and are easy to obtain.  Then have moderate goals to inspire you and motivate you deeper.  This helps us find gratitude, peace, joy, and balance in our lives. 

Creating intentions, setting goals, and starting 2020 off with the 30 day Yoga & Wellness Challenge! Sign up when you come in for a yoga class with Rochelle Ballard @ Koloa Dance House.  The Challenge starts January 13th to February 11th.   

First class free for Kama'aina residence only! 


Hau' Oli Makahiki Hou

Me Ke Aloha,

Rochelle Ballard


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